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Haruki Murakami is popular all over the world and Finland is no exception. The translation of his his novel Afutā dāku (アフタ–ダ–ク) is already printed and will be available any time in Finnish by the name Pimeän jälkeen. This is the 13th Murakami translated into Finnish and the 7th translated directly from the Japanese language. The translator is Antti Valkama.

Before the Murakami title there are three other authors, whose books were published in Finnish in 2020.

  1. Sayaka Murata: Lähikaupan nainen. Japanese: Konbini ningen. English: Convenience store woman. Tr. by Raisa Porrasmaa.
  2. Keigo Higashino: Uskollinen naapuri. Japanese: Yōgisha X no kenshin. English: The Devotion of Suspect X. Tr. by Raisa Porrasmaa.
  3. Troll: Mestarietsivä Peppunen. Japanese: Oshiri tantei. English: The Butt Detective. Tr. by Mayu Saaritsa.

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See also my review of Lähikaupan nainen: Ulkoisesti luuseri, sisäisesti oman tien kulkija (Remember the Google Translate!)

Coming soon…

Many of you may remember Naomi Kawase´s popular film Sweet Bean, telling about a middle-aged man with troubled past and an old lady who is able to prepare superb bean paste. Their ways cross and a heart-warming story evolves. The film is based on Durian Sukegawa´s novel An (あん), which will be published in Finnish this autumn by the name Tokuen resepti, translated from Japanese by Raisa Porrasmaa.