Hello! Konnichi-wa! Welcome to the English page of my blog about the Japanese literature translated into Finnish language. The title of the blog is in English On the floating bridge of dreams.

The main purpose of the blog is to collect and update a catalogue of all Japanese literature ever translated into Finnish as well as to list and discuss all upcoming translations as they are published.

The secondary purpose is to get some flesh on the bones. i.e. to write articles about the works translated into Finnish and also of Japanese literature in general. The final bibliography will appear on the page Bibliografia in alphabetical order of the author names, but it will be compiled in the order the authors come up in the articles. The articles appear on pages Blogikirjoitukset and Ajankohtaista.

There also is a list of Japanese authors on the page Suomennettujen kirjailijoiden valikoima. It contains the names of the most important Japanese writers translated into Finnish. The list is far from complete and is here only to arouse the curiosity and literary appetite of the readers while waiting for the completion of the bibliography.

I shall also write short summaries of articles in English and give some links for further reading.

I also added this funny little widget called Google Translate on every page, which helps you to read the texts in unbelievably many languages. But please bear in mind that the translations are made by machine. At quick glance most of them look pretty comprehensible, but if you come across something really weird, just use your logical human thinking. Good luck!